Lajthiza Premium Water

Water for People on the Move.


DNA Green Planet Limited is the exclusive importer of Albanian “Lajthiza” water for the markets in the USA, North Africa, the Middle East and Gulf States.

The purest water, bottled at source, from high in the Albanian Roshi Mountains.

Mineral water of the highest category, from sources 1600 meter high.

Bottled water is the water of today’s People on the move.


We are looking for distributors worldwide.

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Market Trends

Life Style

With increasing disposible income, changing with the more demanding personal lifestyle of today, the demand for “Lajthiza” premium water is an ever increasingly sought after market brand.

Lajthiza Water

“Lajthiza” Premium Water is pure, natural and virtually free of sodium. “Lajthiza”is the purets way to a healthier lifestyle and body, compared to highly mineralized waters. “Lajthiza”Water quenches your thirst without compare.

Production Process

High Tech production line using State of the Art German Technology to ensure the highest level of Product Quality.