About Us

DNA Green Planet Limited is based in London, Great Britain and is part of the DNA Group of Companies. We are responsible within the DNA  Group for the development of Environmental Solution Projects.

We Develop Environmentally Sound Projects

DNA Green Planet Limited is the Project Development/Management Company for Eco-Diverse and Beverage Products within the DNA Group of Companies. Our role is to manage the Development of Sustainable Construction Materials, Food Production and Plant a Tree Projects within the DNA Group of Companies. We currently have a 200 acre Forest Farm under management in Tanzania in cooperation with DNA Energy East Africa Limited.

Our Mission

The stewardship and use of Forests and Agricultural lands in such a way that maintains their productivity, biodiversity, regeneration capacity, vitality and potential to fulfil now, and in the future, relevant Ecological, Economic and Social functions at Local, Regional and National Level.

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We strongly believe in our Social Responsibility as a Company, and DNA Green Planet being a member of the DNA Group of Companies, we have a strict set of rules in place in our business dealings towards our Partners, Customers and our Environment.

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DNA Green Planet is dedicated to the Agriculture Sector, to increase sector productivity, develop new markets for food ingredients, to add value within the food chain. Farming efficiently has been a challenge for many farmers, with our DNA Group of Companies network of experts in Europe we can contribute to a more efficient Food Chain.

Our Projects

Fast Growing Trees

Preparations for our first pilot project in Tanzania for the fast growing Paulownia Trees in close cooperation with WeGrow GmbH from Germany.

Hemp Plantations

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Cooperation with Natural Science based in Great Britain to develop large scale Hemp plantations for the production and processing of high quality cannabis products.

Our team has extensive experience in Managing Forests and Tree planting. We have a Field Experience Centre in Tanzania for education, seminaires and organize field trips to visit our Visiga forest on request. For Company Partners there is the possibility to visit our forest in Tanzania or participate in educational programs.

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